The iOS PHP IDE with a webserver runtime that runs real WebApps offline.
Develop new ideas for your website in the creative habit field of your iPhone or iPad.
Run and develop WordPress plugins and themes completely offline.


Current release
Version 1.4.1, released on 14.04.2015

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System Requirements
iPhone or iPad, iOS 7 or later

PHP 5.4.23 built-in
Develop and execute PHP on iPhone or iPad in DraftCode using built-in standard PHP 5.4.23, standard PHP extensions like OpenSSL, MySQL, SQLite etc., and a runtime that provides the webserver environment with full support for Sessions, Cookies, Redirects, Forms and more. No internet connection or uploading required. (Here is DraftCode's phpinfo output including all the details.)

DraftCode's Runtime - Your webserver environment
DraftCode's runtime does not only execute PHP. It supports everything you need to run a real PHP WebApp offline by providing the webserver environment. DraftCode fully supports sessions, cookies, redirects, working with POST and GET forms and AJAX. And of course it also runs Javascript and renders HTML and CSS.
The runtime has been tested with applications like WordPress, Flatpress and others.

PHP Extensions
DraftCode already includes many popular extensions like MySQL, Sqlite3, PDO, OpenSSL, zip, libxml and others. And we are working on including more with each update.

Included PHP Apps
The current version of DraftCode includes WordPress as an installable package. With just one tap you can run WordPress completely offline and develop themes and plugins for this awesome platform. We are planning to add other packages for easy installation in future releases.

File/Folder Workspace
DraftCode has an easy to use file/folder workspace for you to manage your files. You can import image resources from your camera roll and send your code to other iOS applications.

Web Preview
Run your WebApp in the built in Safari preview. Inspect PHP error logging in an inspector without it messing up the HTML output. Find errors easily using error highlighting in code. You can also work on javascript/AJAX, HTML and CSS in conjunction with PHP. And of course you can view the raw html for debugging.

Code editor themes
Edit your code in a dark or light colour scheme. Adjust the font size to your liking. Use the keyboard extensions to quickly access common code snippets and characters. Draftcode of course also supports working with an external keyboard.