Offline PHP development on iPad and iPhone

v1.6.7 released on 06.11.2017
Requires iPad or iPhone running iOS 9 or later

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Offline PHP 5.6.30
In DraftCode PHP code is executed using the standard open source PHP v5.3.60. It includes all typically available PHP extensions like MySQL, SQLite, PDO, OpenSSL, Curl, FTP, XML, SOAP and more. (Here is DraftCode's phpinfo output).

Webkit preview built in
DraftCode includes a WebKit based preview that displays your WebApp exactly like Mobile Safari would. Similarly it also executes all browser side code (HTML, CSS and Javascript).

DraftCode's runtime provides the webserver environment your PHP code runs in. It behaves exactly like your normal webserver environment, handles cookies, sessions, POST/GET/PUT, but is faster and more tightly integrated for development purposes. During execution the DraftCode runtime allows inspection of session content or PHP errors, including highlighting of lines causing errors back in the code editor.
DraftCode features an easy to use workspace for you to navigate and manage your files and folders. It lets you easily create, modify or move items around. To help you work with bigger projects, DraftCode also includes zip and unzip support, and marking a specific file as the start point for execution.

Import and export code from other Apps or iCloud
DraftCode supports receiving and sending files to and from other Apps installed on your iPad. DraftCode also includes a Document Browser which gives you access to all your locations like iCloud, DropBox, WorkingCopy etc, and you can import files and folders (from Apps that support it). You can also import and export files and folders using iTunes File Sharing.

Code Editor
The code editor features PHP syntax coloring in a dark and light colour scheme, and adjustable font size. Keyboard extensions that offer quick access to common code snippets and characters help the coding process with the on-screen keyboard. DraftCode also supports working with an external keyboard including keyboard shortcuts.

Execute and Debug
When running your code in DraftCode, an inspection panel shows all PHP error messages and warnings. Once you return to your code, the line with the problem will be highlighted. DraftCode lets you also inspect and purge the content of the current session.
Included PHP Apps: WordPress 4, phpMyAdmin and phpLiteAdmin
DraftCode includes WordPress 4 (running offline using the WP SQLite plugin), phpMyAdmin (to manage external MySQL databases), and phpLiteAdmin as installable packages.

Support and Help

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please get in touch.
Please have a look at the help page or e-mail us at support - at - solesignal.com.

We are continuously improving DraftCode. If you would like to join beta testing, please let us know.