The fast and lightweight backup for OS X

SmartBackup gives you more control than Time Machine and is fast and easy to set up. Simply select a destination, your source items and perhaps some things to exclude and then click "Backup". Done.

You can use SmartBackup to backup to external harddrives, flashdrives or network shares. You can also use SmartBackup to create and maintain a bootable clone of your system.

SmartBackup features a modern 64-bit sync engine that only copies what has changed after the first backup. And it makes sure that your precious metadata like Tags and label colours get backed up too.

SmartBackup's sync engine will not just keep your backup up-to-date in record time but will optionally archive deleted and changed files neatly in timestamped folders during each backup. And you can search and restore what you need from right inside the App.

SmartBackup includes an Automator action so you can easily include it in your custom workflows and automate your syncs using iCal.

For professional use SmartBackup can be used from the commandline. Include SmartBackup in your python or shell scripts and set up launchdaemons for them.

Support and Help

Actually, you should not need documentation to use SmartBackup.
But just in case - there is one anyway, including all the details: SmartBackup Help

If you still need help, please get in touch at: support -at-