• Multithread capable sync engine, fully leveraging the performance of SSD/Flash
  • Creates bootable clone in record time
  • Built-in scheduling
  • Exclude files/folders or filenames from sync
  • Built-in archiving of changed or deleted files
  • Search for versions of changed or deleted files
  • Supports pre-allocation on Xsan/StorNext volumes
  • Commandline mode for integration in python or shell scripts

Next generation sync engine

Copying only one file at a time is only optimal for single spinning harddisks. To achieve the best possible performance on now common Flash or SSD disks or RAID storage, copies need to be parallelised. That's why SmartBackup 4's new sync engine is multi-thread capable and will run modern storage at full speed.

Its custom sync engine also leverages several other new modern technologies of macOS that make it efficient and lightweight, just right for today's Macs.

Superfast cloning and syncing

We have been benchmarking cloning a 260GB installation of a 12-inch Macbook to an external Samsung T3 SSD. The initial clone using SmartBackup 4 was twice as fast than all other popular cloning utilities. We think it's the fastest way to clone your macOS or to sync large amounts of data on SSD/Flash based Macs.

Get the free trial and see for yourself!

Fast and Lightweight

When used for backups, SmartBackup gives you more control than Time Machine and is fast and easy to set up. Simply select a destination, your source items and perhaps some things to exclude and then click "Start". Done. You can use SmartBackup to sync to external harddrives, flashdrives or network shares. You can also use SmartBackup to create and maintain a bootable clone of your system.

Archived Versions

SmartBackup's sync engine will not just keep your backup up-to-date superfast, it can archive deleted and changed files neatly in timestamped folders during each backup. And you can search your archive and all its versions from right inside the App.


Upgrade from SmartBackup 3

If you have purchased a license of SmartBackup in 2016 you can simply activate SmartBackup 4 using your SmartBackup 3 license information.
If you purchased your license before 2016, you should have received an invite to upgrade. If not, simply get in touch via support to redeem your upgrade offer.


Click the download button below to download and try SmartBackup 4 for free.


SmartBackup 4.1 (released 21.10.2016) requires macOS 10.10 or later. Languages: English, German.
For questions or feedback, please have a look at the Help page or e-mail support -at- solesignal.com