Superfast syncing and cloning

SmartBackup is an easy to use utility to...

  • Sync files and folders to a destination
  • Create a bootable clone of your macOS
  • Perform fast data migrations or repeated backups

It uses a custom modern sync engine that...

  • Automatically copies only what has changed
  • Archives versions of changed or deleted files
  • Can exclude items from syncing
  • Schedules syncs and backups from within the App

Built for 2017

Most sync and clone utilities for the Mac have not really been updated in recent years.
We think the Mac deserves better and therefore SmartBackup 4 has received a completely overhauled interface and a new sync engine using the latest technologies.

SmartBackup will copy multiple files at the same time which is the only way to leverage the full performance of SSD and Flash drives now common in modern Macs or optimise throughput to a NAS.
Try it out - it offers outstanding performance.

The fastest Sync out there

We have been benchmarking cloning a 260GB installation of a 12-inch Macbook to an external Samsung T3 SSD. The initial clone using SmartBackup was twice as fast than all other popular cloning utilities.

Super easy to use

Setting up a new sync is as simple as selecting the destination, adding the source folders to sync, and clicking "Start". And you can configure as many destinations as you want.


Pro Features

SmartBackup has been built for ease of use, but it includes many features for the professional user.
It supports pre-allocation on Xsan/StorNext shared storage volumes, or disabling cloning of ACL's during data migration. For sophisticated automation it can be called via a commandline mode and can be used in your favourite scripting language.

Upgrade from SmartBackup 3

If you have purchased a license of SmartBackup in 2016 you can simply activate SmartBackup 4 using your SmartBackup 3 license information.


You can download SmartBackup 4 below and try it for a limited time for free.

Download Buy Now $24.99

SmartBackup 4.1.2 (released 30.05.2017) requires macOS 10.10 or later. Languages: English, German.
For questions or feedback, please have a look at the Help page or e-mail support -at-
If you have not received a response within 2 business days, please check your spam filter and contact us again.

If you need support for earlier macOS versions, SmartBackup v3 (supports 10.8-10.11) is now available for free.