SmartBackup is an easy to use macOS utility to sync folders, volumes, or to create a bootable clone of your startup disk. It supports different configurations for multiple destinations, excludes, can archive deleted or changed files, and features built-in automation.

SmartBackup uses its own custom sync engine which offers several perfomance advantages over other utilities. SmartBackup will immediately start copying data while it in parallel still analyses what has changed. SmartBackup's sync engine then uses multiple threads that copy files in parallel, squeezing the fastest possible performance out of your storage. This makes it significantly faster that other utilities when cloning SSDs or syncing between fast RAID or SAN storage.

SmartBackup can sync between internal and external harddrives, RAIDs, Xsan volumes and also network shares.

SmartBackup includes built-in automation that you can set up with a few clicks.

SmartBackup will not just keep your files up-to-date, but will optionally archive deleted and changed files neatly in timestamped folders during each sync. And you can search and restore what you need from right inside the App.


If you have any questions, here is the SmartBackup Help.
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